We founded Recite Kaddish with the goal of helping people learn more about traditional Jewish memorial customs. While although the topic of death and mourning is not as easy one to broach, that does not make it any less important to discuss.

As the topic of death is not as easy one to broach, that does not make it any less important

What you can expect:


Our regular blog posts will cover a variety of topics relating to the topic of loss.

Yahrzeit reminders

You can sign up for free email reminders to notify you when a Yahrtzeit (Hebrew anniversary of a person’s death) is approaching.

Kaddish Arrangements

Should you ever need to recite Kaddish, we can help you make arrangements with a rabbi to recite the Kaddish prayer regularly on someone’s behalf.

The Team

Rabbi Sholom Steinig

I am humbled to take on the obligation to recite kaddish for those who have passed on, fulfilling an important mitzvah that so many find difficult to fulfill themselves. Judaism explains that any act of kindness done for the departed is an example of Chesed Shel Emes, the ultimate form of kindness. When a kindness is done for a living person, many might feel a need to return the favor, but in the case of Kaddish, that is simply impossible. To perform this Chesed and help others in the mourning process, is a tremendous responsibility that I take upon myself with great solemnity. As partners, we recite kaddish on behalf of your loved one. G-d is praised in their memory and their neshama, their soul, is elevated and brought closer to Him.

Noah Morris

After working with several Jewish non-profit organizations, Noah wanted to find another way in which he could give back to the Jewish Community. He started ReciteKaddish.com with the humble idea of making a difficult time simpler. It’s never easy to lose someone you care about, but Judaism offers a support system for this troubling time. Additionally, Noah is available to anyone who has any questions, or just needs someone to talk to. He can always be reached at Contact@recitekaddish.com, so please feel free to contact him anytime.

Eli Lebowicz

After unfortunately losing his mother while in high school, Eli experienced death at a young age. In the years since then, he has learned that being able to share his firsthand perspective on the subject of loss can provide some valuable insight and guidance to those who have lost someone close to them. Eli is able to use his relatable writing style to help shed some light on a subject that people feel uncomfortable discussing.

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